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Nora Ephron’s Love, Loss and What I Wore is all about women, their relationships and their relationships with clothes. We thought the chic boutique, Après Vous, would be the perfect fit for our Verge take on the show, and we were right.  Shopping, clothes, stories about shopping and clothes and wine and hors d oeuvres aplenty made this the ultimate Girls Night Out. Word spread and women — mothers, daughters, friends, families and colleagues –came in droves, laughed, cried and lingered to share their own stories after the show.

Cast: Samantha Doane-Bates, Erica House, Georgeanne Edwards, Stephanie Peniston, Susan Dudley Wigglesworth and Janet Scott.

Director: Ave Lawyer


There’s common thread between ‘Love, Loss,’ boutique where it’s staged

By Rich Copley

Janet Scott looks in one of the many mirrors at Après Vous Boutique on Moore Drive and pinches the fabric of her smart black dress to adjust it.

“Does this look OK?,” she asks herself. “I don’t know.”

She could be a customer looking for a new outfit for an elegant evening out, but she’s not. She is an employee of Après Vous, but more than that, on this Tuesday night, she’s an actress getting ready to take the makeshift stage at the upscale consignment store.

“See,” she says, laughing, “you hear that kind of stuff in the play. So it really fits here.”

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 On the Verge Turns a Girls Night Out Into Great Business Synergy

By Mike Tuttle

When a theatre approaches a business about a partnership, it usually means that the theatre wants cash. Commonly that’s a check written in exchange for certain perks, marketing mentions, etc. Many of these arrangements work very well for the show sponsor, as other examples we’ve considered here have shown.

But Stephen Lawrence Limited has entered into a very different kind of arrangement for their Après Vous shop on Moore Drive. They are hosting the actual production right in the shop, turning a piece of their expansive second-floor area into the theatre itself.

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Play and its venue, a clothing boutique, are a perfect fit

By Candace Chaney  Contributing Culture Writer

Whether it ought to be this way or not, many of the official and not-so-official rites of passage in a woman’s life are measured and remembered by the clothes she wears. There is no more iconic example than the wedding dress. Even a promising date or interview can induce the “What will I wear?” panic.

The late Nora Ephron and her sister Delia explored the role of clothes, shoes, purses and all things style in their play Love, Loss and What I Wore, which the theater troupe On the Verge has mounted in a site-specific production at Après Vous boutique.  Read more here:

Photos courtesy Larry Neuzel

Enduring thanks to Connie Broomhall of Stephen Lawrence Limited, Be Medispa, Joe Artz and Nick Kouns, Milward Funeral Directors, Ron Mossotti at Hammond Productions, Don Simandl, Bob Urban, Georgeann Chenault, Tim Campbell at Blue Million, Stephanie Peniston, Phil Griffin, Audrey Rooney and Gale Hart for doing what donors do, Upscale Furniture Rental, John Campbell, Craig Labanowich and Michael Sorg and the women in our lives.

We were happy to donate three benefit performances to non-profits we know and love: GreenHouse17, Dress for Success and ITNBluegrass.