2022: Uncle Vanya| Anton Chekhov| Hopemont

If reality TV existed in Chekhov’s day, Uncle Vanya would be a ratings sensation. A
colorful cast of characters trapped in a house by forces outside their control.
Smoldering passion, mostly unrequited. Guns and roses. Strong spirits and midnight
confessions. Hilarity and heartbreak. Environmental advocacy and existential angst. As
modern as this moment (exhausted medics, enforced isolation) yet utterly timeless in
its examination of life and how we live it. This site-specific spin on Chekhov’s tragi-
comic masterpiece puts audiences in the thick of the action, in, out, up, down, and all
around the family home.

Shayne Brakefield, Anthony Haigh, Kevin Hardesty, Erica House, Missy Johnston, Joan
Rue, Paul Thomas and Shelby Vogelpohl

DIRECTOR: Ave Lawyer

PHOTOGRAPHY: Melissa T. Hall Art and Photography
A portion of the proceeds of this production was donated to the Bluegrass Trust for
Historic Preservation which is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of