2015: Legacy of Light | Karen Zacarias | ArtsPlace

Karen Zacarias interweaves the stories of two brilliant women scientists grappling with the mysteries of motherhood and the universe. In the intimate setting of a former gymnasium, we used high-tech projections, a lush, custom score, and exquisite costuming to engage a small audience in a roller coaster ride that switched rapidly back and forth between Enlightenment-era France, modern-day New Jersey, and no time and place at all.

CAST: Zach Dearing, Tim Hull, Robbie Morgan, Tom Phillips, Rachel Lee Rogers, and Shelby Vogelpohl.

DIRECTOR: Ave Lawyer

PREVIEW: https://www.kentucky.com/entertainment/performing-arts/article44609127.html

REVIEW:  https://www.kentucky.com/entertainment/performing-arts/article44610111.html


LexArts provided in-kind support for Legacy of Light through its Fund For The Arts.