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In the summer of 2016, a vibrant adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s master work played out in the vast, echoing spaces of Kentucky’s grandest Greek Revival mansion. Ward Hall in Georgetown echoed with the sound of voices, footsteps, music, laughter, argument, intrigue and betrayal as the men and women of The Cherry Orchard came to turbulent life under its roof.  Small audiences followed the action as it flowed up, down and all around.  June 22-26, June 28-July 3.

With Missy Johnston, Adam Luckey, Walter Tunis, Shayne Brakefield, Paul Thomas, Kelsey Waltermire, Erica House, Tanner Gray, Melissa Rae Wilkeson, Courtney Waltermire, Matt Seckman, Glenn Thompson, Leif Erickson and R.E. Otherson.  Directed by Ave Lawyer.

Photography by Melissa T. Hall Art and Photography.

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Enduring thanks to David Stuart and the Ward Hall Preservation Foundation, without whom none of this would be possible. And thank you for being so generous with your time, Ann Bevins and Connie Minch. Blue Million. Berea College. Campari’s Wild Turkey and Skyy Vodka. John Campbell. Tim Campbell. Crowe Horwath. Dutch’s Bake Shop. Greentree Antiques and Tearoom. LexArts. Phil Griffin. Grace Johnson. Rory Harris. Barbara Hinkle. Alma Kajtazovic. Chelsia Neyman at N. Salon. Melissa T. Hall Art and Photography. Nick Nickl. Nan Plummer. Shakespeare. Mary Ann Shupe. Michael Sorg. Studio Players. Wildcat Moving Company. Wood Concepts, Inc. Woodford Theatre