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Why stage a play set in a funeral home anywhere but in a funeral home? Milward Funeral Directors could see no reason either, so Jeffrey Hatcher’s hilarious and human evening of monologues came to life in three separate parlors in Milward’s elegant establishment on Man O’ War.  Performed separately but meshed seamlessly a la Our Town, three skillfully told stories wove the everyday minutia of ordinary lives into a rich tapestry.  Face Value, an exhibition of photographs by Lee Thomas and a catered reception rounded out the experience.

Cast: Adam Luckey, Robbie Morgan and Samantha Doane Bates.

Director: Ave Lawyer


On the Verge troupe’s play about funerals will be performed in a funeral home

By Candace Chaney

Lexington theater audiences have learned in the past few years that a night at the theater does not always have to be a night at a theater.

From the early days of “Surprise Theatre” at Natasha’s Bistro, where diners were treated to sudden outbursts of drama, to an itinerant Actors’ Guild of Lexington’s conversion of retail space for a holiday comedy, to period-piece reproductions in historic homes, Lexington is becoming the kind of place where theater might happen anywhere.

Beginning this weekend, you can add a funeral home to the list of possible theater venues in Lexington. Read more:


Funeral home play full of life.

By Candace Chaney Contributing Theater Critic

If you think about it, all funerals, like weddings, contain strong elements of theater. People have lines to memorize, roles to play, costumes to wear. There is even an audience that will evaluate everyone’s performances on the way home.

On the Verge takes the innate theatrical elements of funerals even further in its latest production, Three Viewings.

Read more:

Photos courtesy Lee Thomas.

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