Newly-elected senator Don Peter, hot off the campaign trail, takes a break  at the home of wealthy supporter, Leo. With him comes an unruly entourage – chief of staff, Benedick, press secretary, Claudio, disaffected daughter Donna and her posse. Add Leo’s daughter, Hero and niece Beatrice, old grudges and new intrigues to the mix and ado ensues. Audiences, dressed in black and white, track the action upstairs and down indoors and out.

Directed by Ave Lawyer.

With Janet Scott, Tom Philips, Roger Leasor, Darius Fatemi, Zack Dearing, Kelsey Waltermire, Meredith Crutcher, Courtney Waltermire, Cari Bingham, Tanner Gray, Troy Walton and Stephanie Peniston,

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