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Take twelve stellar actors, a beloved Shakespeare script and a Verge point of view, shake them up and turn them loose in a hundred year old downtown church and Much Ado ensues. The only thing that’s small about Lexington’s first immersive Shakespeare adaptation is the size of the audience, so click on TICKETS to book now. Any problems or questions, call 859 948 2762 or email info@ontheverge.org.


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Ticket questions?

Posted on Sep 7 by

Just email us at ontheverge.org or call 859 948 2762. We’re happy to help!


The Herald Leader previews Much Ado

Posted on Sep 7 by

Click here for the whole story and a cool photo gallery.  http://www.kentucky.com/2014/09/06/3415005/on-the-verge-church-production.html...